Finished Seax style shortsword

I finished up the sword I was making for my Grandfather but totally forgot to take photos! Luckily I visited a couple of months later and was able to take some quick shots.

The biggest challenges of this sword were the handle details. The entire thing is knife carved, and the gold leaf was really tricky to apply and in the end I had to touch it up with a liquid gold suspension. Something I look forward to mastering one day!

I really like how it came out, it has the slightly garish look I associate with the Dark Ages! The scabbard is a little on the simple side, but it did get a small tassel for bling:



The first post on making this bad boy: Large Seax Style Shortsword -Hotforged

3 thoughts on “Finished Seax style shortsword”

  1. I think that worked out quite well. Really love the detailing. I am impressed that it is knife carved. i first thought it is woven leather, but the carving really came out beautifully. I could see that it would also look very cool to make the golden parts out of thin bronze sheet or something similar.

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    1. Cheers man, I worked out a fairly quick way to do the basket weave, maybe I’ll do a tutorial sometime! I completely agree about the gold parts, I initially wanted to do solid brass spacers between the woven parts but ran out of time (as always!).
      On a side note your blog has been an inspiration for me, I have about 20 blisters of Reaper bones sitting on my desk as I write 😉 Keep up the good work!


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